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The Yaxell Ran series is Yaxell's most acclaimed line of knives. These knives are striking because of the 69-layer damask blade with VG-10 hard steel core that guarantees years of good cutting performance.

  • 69 layers of damask steel VG-10
  • Razor sharp knife with a blade of 24 cm
  • Versatile knife for all kitchen tasks!
  • Lifetime warranty on production errors

The Canvas-Micarta handle is made of layers of resin-treated canvas that gives a very luxurious look. The steel core continues into the handle, ensuring high stability and cutting properties. The Yaxell Ran series offers a line of knives for the demanding chef in terms of cutting performance and appearance. The Yaxell Ran chef's knife with a blade of 24 cm and 69 layers of stainless damask steel with a canvas-micarta handle is an ideal addition to the kitchen of an avid home chef or professional.

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Yaxell - Ran Chef's Knife 24 cm

Yaxell - Ran Chef's Knife 24 cm

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Brand Yaxell
Model Ran
Warranty 2 years
Material VG-10 Damask steel
Handle Wall Mural Micarta
Color Black
Dishwasher Safe No
Hardness 60 HRC
Sharpening Method Japanese cut
Edge Symmetrical
Height 6.0
Amount 1

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