Hoe slijp je messen?

How do you sharpen kitchen knives with a sharpening stone?

A kitchen knife works best when it is sharp. Unfortunately, regular use of the blades can cause them to lose their sharpness. This makes cutting more forceful and can also be dangerous. To keep your knives in top condition, it is therefore important to sharpen them every now and then. In this blog post we explain how you can sharpen your knives yourself with a sharpening stone !

Step 1

Sharpening your kitchen knife sounds complicated, but in reality it is simple, provided you use a good sharpening stone (also known as a whetstone ). So make sure that you use a good whetstone with the right grain size for your knife when sharpening your knives.

Step 2

Place the sharpening stone in a layer of water fifteen minutes before use and let it soak. As a result, the sharpening stone becomes saturated and a layer of water remains on the sharpening stone. Remove the stone from the water when no more bubbles come off the stone.

Step 3

Place the sharpening stone with the coarsest grain size upwards in the silicone holder. These then in the sturdy non-slip bamboo holder.

Step 4

Snap the sharpening angle clip onto the top of the blade. If you are right-handed, hold the knife with your right hand and place your right thumb and right index finger on the blade of the knife. Place the fingers of your left hand on the blade and press the blade against the stone.


Step 5

Move the blade back and forth across the sharpening stone, alternating sides, making sure to sharpen the entire length of the cutting edge with each pass. Apply some pressure as the blade slides forward and pull it back towards you in one smooth motion. Repeat this several times with both sides of the blade until you feel burrs forming.

Step 6

Turn the sharpening stone over, with the fine side up, when both cutting edges have the correct sharpness. By first sharpening with the coarse grain and then sharpening with the small grain, the knife becomes extra sharp.


Step 7

Move the blade back and forth along the entire length of the sharpening stone to make the blade extra sharp. By now using the finer grit, burrs and other imperfections are removed from the cutting surface. This ensures even better sharpness.


Step 8

Clean the knife well with lukewarm water and a soft brush, so that all sharpening residues disappear from the knife. Dry the knife well before storing it. This preserves the quality of the knife. And voilà, your knife is like new again!

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