Are you looking for a teppanyaki plate for your home? With this flat baking tray you can bake the tastiest vegetable, fish and meat dishes together with family or friends. A delicious way to prepare your dishes and also fun to do in the kitchen.

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The magic of Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is a Japanese cooking technique known for its use of a flat, open griddle to prepare food. What makes this style of cooking so special is the interactive and fun way in which the teppanyaki plate is used. With a teppanyaki plate you can prepare ingredients directly in front of your guests or together at the table, which ensures a dynamic and immersive cooking experience. It is not only tasty, but also a visual spectacle.

The benefits of a Teppanyaki plate

  • Versatility : Teppanyaki plates are versatile and suitable for a wide range of dishes. Whether you like fish, meat, vegetables or even pancakes, a teppanyaki plate can handle it all. The flat cooking surface ensures even heating and offers enough space to prepare different ingredients at the same time.
  • Health : Because teppanyaki cooking usually requires little oil, it is a healthy option for those looking for a tasty meal without too much fat. You can enjoy delicious grilled dishes without worrying about excess calories.
  • Entertainment value : Cooking on a teppanyaki plate is not just a way to prepare meals; it is also a form of entertainment. Preparing food for your guests on a teppanyaki plate creates an interactive and fun atmosphere, perfect for social gatherings and cozy dinners.
  • Easy to clean : Teppanyaki plates are usually made of high-quality stainless steel or cast iron, making them easy to clean. Simply wipe away any remaining food residue and clean the surface with a damp cloth. This makes maintenance a piece of cake.

Buy a Teppanyaki plate, here's what you should pay attention to:

If you are considering purchasing a teppanyaki plate, there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Size : Teppanyaki plates are available in different sizes, from compact models for home use to larger professional plates. Choose a size that suits your cooking needs and the available space in your kitchen or on the table.
  • Material : Teppanyaki plates are usually made of stainless steel or cast iron. Both materials are durable and ensure even heat distribution. Stainless steel is lighter and easier to clean, while cast iron retains heat longer.

A Teppanyaki plate for induction also available at KookGigant

If you are looking for the latest innovation in teppanyaki cooking, then an induction teppanyaki plate is something to consider. At KookGigant we offer teppanyaki plates that are suitable for the induction hob. And that is not without reason, because these plates bring many advantages:

  • Speed : A teppanyaki plate with induction heats up very quickly. This means that you can start cooking in no time, which is convenient for those who have no time to waste.
  • Precision : With induction you can precisely control the temperature of your teppanyaki plate. This is especially important when preparing delicate dishes, such as fish or thinly sliced ​​vegetables, where precision is crucial.
  • Energy efficiency : Induction hobs lose little heat to the surrounding air, meaning that almost all the heat generated goes directly to your cooking surface. This makes induction an energy-efficient option.
  • Safety : Because induction only works when a suitable pan is placed on it, there is less chance of accidents caused by accidentally switched on hobs. In addition, the cooking surface does not get hot, which reduces the risk of burns.
  • Easy to clean : As with other teppanyaki plates, induction models are easy to clean. The smooth cooking surface requires just a quick wipe to clean.

Please note : A Teppanyaki plate is rectangular and will therefore only work on an induction hob that has a flex-induction option.

Order your Teppanyaki plate today at KookGigant

Whether you're a seasoned home cook or are just looking for a great way to enjoy delicious meals with friends and family, consider a teppanyaki plate. Order your Teppanyaki plate today from KookGigant and discover the world of Teppanyaki, be surprised by the possibilities!