With a good sharpening steel, your blunt knives are a thing of the past! Within minutes you will have a razor-sharp knife that cuts like new. The performance and lifespan of your knife is strongly influenced by the quality of the sharpening steel you use. At Megacookingworld you will find a range of high-quality sharpening steels that ensure optimal performance of your knives. Discover our range now and enjoy sharper knives and better cutting results!

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Buying a good sharpening steel, this is the secret:

Do you also want to effortlessly cut through ingredients with razor-sharp knives? Then it is time to purchase a good sharpening steel. Pay attention to the material, length, sharpening angle and grip.

A sharpening steel made of high-quality material such as ceramic or diamond ensures a long-lasting and optimal result of the knife. The sharpening angle of the sharpening steel is important. Most sharpening steels have an angle of 20 degrees, which is suitable for most knives. For Japanese kitchen knives, for example, a sharpening angle of 15 degrees is recommended.

At Megacookingworld we know what works well, because we are cooking enthusiasts ourselves. Our sharpening steels have an ergonomic handle that makes the sharpening steel comfortable to hold and sharpening knives is quick and easy. Our samples are made of high quality so that you only get the best for your knife. Enjoy sharp knives again soon and a pleasant cutting experience in the kitchen!

Upgrade your knives with our diamond sharpening steel!

A diamond sharpening steel has many advantages. This sharpening steel has a strong metal core with small synthetic diamonds. They are particularly hard and coarse, allowing you to sharpen quickly and efficiently, even with hard steels. Durability is assured as the diamonds are long lasting and resistant to wear and tear. Check out the Shinrai Japan-Diamond Carbon Steel 20 cm Sharpening Rod or the Messermeister - 800 Grit Diamond Sharpening Rod for a good and easy to use diamond sharpening rod.

Keep in mind that coarser diamonds may give slightly less sharp results than finer cutting techniques. In short, if you are looking for a fast and durable sharpening option, a diamond sharpening steel with synthetic diamonds is worth considering.

Give your knives a new lease of life with our ceramic sharpening steel

A ceramic sharpening steel has a different effect than the diamond version. Although also very hard, the abrasive particles are smaller. This leads to a slower, but sharper grind compared to diamond bar. For example, view the very fine Messermeister - 2200 Grit Ceramic Sharpening Rod for a razor-sharp sharpening result. Be careful though, as a ceramic sharpening steel can easily break if dropped.

A sharpening steel for life?

A sharpening steel will last a long time if it is of good quality and is used and maintained correctly. Ceramic sharpening rods generally last longer than steel sharpening rods. Proper maintenance is important to extend the lifespan. Clean the sharpening steel with a damp cloth after use and store it safely. Do you want to be assured of a good sharpening steel? Then choose the Cooking Giant!