A sharpening steel is a must-have for every kitchen enthusiast! It's the perfect tool to sharpen your knives a little bit before you start cutting. By regularly using a sharpening steel, your knives will stay sharp longer and last longer. Invest in a sharpening steel and enjoy effortless cutting and chopping in the kitchen!

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Buy sharpening steel? Why it's a good investment

It is not surprising that sharpening steels are present in almost every kitchen, because everyone who is regularly in the kitchen knows that a sharpening steel is a good investment. Instead of buying new knives because they are blunt, you can use a sharpening steel to maintain the current knives perfectly. With a sharpening steel you remove the burrs that arise after (intensive) use of your kitchen knife. Sharpening a knife with a sharpening steel takes a few seconds, a small effort for a great result!

Keep your knives razor sharp with a ceramic sharpening steel

Your knives remain razor-sharp when using a ceramic sharpening steel. This type of sharpening steel has the property that it wears less quickly, so you can use it longer than a steel sharpening steel. A ceramic sharpening steel also ensures an extremely sharp and smooth blade, even with harder knives, for example one of the Japanese knives from Megacookingworld. These knives have a high hardness, which is expressed in HRC. With a ceramic sharpening steel it is a piece of cake to maintain these hard kitchen knives perfectly.

Complete your kitchen with a sharpening steel diamond

A diamond sharpening steel is known as the crème de la crème of sharpening steels. The diamond coating makes this type of sharpening steel particularly hard, so that your kitchen knives are sharpened optimally. This results in razor-sharp (and permanently sharp) blades that you can use to cut effortlessly. Diamond is one of the hardest materials on earth, because diamond dust is used in the sharpening steel, it is extremely durable, making it last a long time. The diamond sharpening steel is suitable for all kinds of knives, including serrated knives. As a result, you only need one sharpening steel for all your knives.