Looking for a cast iron pan? Search no further! Our cast iron pans are suitable for all heat sources . A cast iron pan retains its heat for an extremely long time, the heavy lid keeps all the delicious flavors and smells in the pan and it also lasts a lifetime! Ready to cook with a cast iron pan? View our range below!

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Cast iron frying pan

Due to the unique properties of the material, cast iron is very suitable for a frying pan. Cast iron retains its heat for an extremely long time and the heavy lid ensures a good seal, so you don't lose vapors and all the delicious flavors and smells remain in the pan. Cast au Four – Swiss Diamond cast iron frying pans will last a lifetime, you can even pass them on to your children after decades. The Cast au Four frying pans are suitable for any heat source and have a diamond-reinforced non-stick coating (PFOA free).

Enamelled cast iron

Enamelled cast iron offers many advantages: optimal heat distribution, long-term heat retention, resistant to extremely high temperatures and scratches and an almost unlimited lifespan. Bare cast iron, on the other hand, requires a lot of maintenance, for example, you have to burn bare cast iron before you can use it. This is not necessary with enamelled cast iron, these pans have a non-stick coating, as it were. Cast eu Four's frying pans are made of enamelled cast iron, the non-stick coating of these pans is reinforced by diamond, making the cast iron resistant to scratches and extremely high temperatures.

Clean cast iron pan

Enamelled cast iron is easy to clean. With a little love and attention, the life of your enameled cast iron pan will be extended. So wash your pan by hand, the dishwasher ensures that the non-stick coating becomes dog and the risk of scratches will increase.

Clean burnt cast iron pan

No matter how badly your pan has burned, never use aggressive cleaning agents or metal sponges. This will damage the non-stick coating. It is best to leave a layer of water with a little detergent in your pan. Pay attention to the temperature difference, is the pan still very hot? Then add a layer of hot water. Let the layer of water stand for fifteen minutes and then scrub the pan completely clean.

Cast iron pan induction

When buying a cast iron pan, it is important to know which heat sources are suitable for the pan. All pans in the KookGigant range are suitable for any heat source, including induction.

Have you cooked on a gas stove for years and do you want to switch to an induction stove? Which can! It is a myth that cast iron pans that have been used on a gas stove can no longer be used on an induction stove. The gas flame can indeed deform the bottom of a pan slightly, so that it no longer works properly on an induction hob. However, this almost never happens with cast iron pans. Due to the weight and thickness of the bottom of a cast iron pan, it cannot actually be deformed by the gas flame.