With a cleaver in your kitchen drawer, no ingredient is safe anymore. A cleaver, also called a Butcher knife, is a large and angular knife that is sharpened at a wide angle. This makes this knife ideal for chopping and cutting meat, bones and joints, such as spare ribs and chicken legs. View our range of chopping knives below.

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Will you soon be stealing the show at every BBQ with a cool cleaver? Then buy a cleaver from the Megacookingworld and you can get started right away. A cleaver is a large and angular knife that is sharpened at a wide angle. The blade is a bit thicker and wider than a normal knife, making it a bit sturdier and you can chop without damaging the blade. The blade of the cleaver needs to be less sharp because minced meat is being used instead of cutting. The weight of the blade aids in cutting through bones. The blade length is on average between 15 cm and 20 cm.

Japanese cleaver

In addition to the 'ordinary' cleaver, you can also buy a Japanese cleaver at the Megacookingworld. Japanese kitchen knives are sharper and usually have a thinner blade. They are so sharp because of the strong steel that is used. On the other hand, a Japanese cleaver is very vulnerable. So be careful with sharpening. Our advice is also not to use a sharpening steel when sharpening a Japanese cleaver, but a sharpening stone. You can see here how best to sharpen a cleaver.

How do you use a cleaver?

Great, you have received your chopping knife from the Megacookingworld. And now? How do you use a cleaver in the kitchen or during a BBQ? Because a cleaver is made of solid steel, this knife is heavier than an ordinary chef's knife. That makes it extra suitable for chopping and cutting bones and joints. For example, spare ribs and chicken legs. But with a cleaver you can also easily slice a large cabbage. Be careful when using a cleaver. Because the blade is less sharp than we are used to with other kitchen knives, accidents can happen. Which cleaver are you going for?

Handy and sturdy holster with the cleaver

The chopping knives of the Megacookingworld not only have the appearance. The steel blades are hammered by hand in Japanese style. This then continues into a beautiful solid wooden handle. A spectacular look that is protected by the wearable leather holster. This not only protects the cleaver, but also yourself. You can hang the cover on your belt to take with you to, for example, the family's BBQ.