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A wonderful combination deal with handy and good-looking knives! This combination deal consists of the 15 cm Hammered Gladiator chef's knife with a beautiful leather holster, a 20 cm Hammered stainless steel chef's knife, a 20 cm Forged Butcher knife and a fine cutting board that can be used multifunctionally. This gives you the perfect trio of knives for the kitchen and a suitable cutting board for every job.

  • Affordable 4-piece combi deal
  • Razor-sharp blades of high quality
  • Unique set, not available anywhere else!
  • Nice to give as a gift

All blades are extremely sharp. Due to the perfect balance, they lie comfortably in your hand. Cutting food has never been so easy and fun!

A beautiful gift
The knives are always delivered in a beautiful gift box. This not only ensures that the blades are protected on the go, but also that it puts a smile on your face when you receive it.

Forged Knife 20 cm

The Forged Japanese Knife Type 1 from Shinrai Japan is a large knife with a broad, curved point. A butcher knife is also called a butcher's ax or cleaver. Ideal for chopping and cutting large pieces of meat. Butcher knives are somewhat heavier and stronger than other knives, so you can use force without worrying that the knife will break or crumble.

Hammered stainless steel Black chef's knife 20 cm

This edition of the Hammered Stainless Steel Brown Series is finished to perfection. The hand-hammered steel blade continues into a beautiful black Pakka wood handle. The blade is hammered by hand in Japanese style. This technique is called tsuchime. This not only ensures high sharpness and a beautiful appearance, but also prevents your cuttings from sticking to the blade.

Hammered Stainless Steel Gladiator Chef's Knife 15 cm with holster

The Hammered Stainless Steel Gladiator Series from Shinrai Japan is comfortable and easy to use in any kitchen. The chef's knife is made of high quality 7Cr16Mov stainless steel carbon steel. With a hardness of 62 HRC, the hammered blade is characterized by incredible edge resistance, rust and corrosion protection. The knife meets your daily kitchen tasks. The boning knife can be used for cutting vegetables, meat and fish.

Luxury cutting board

This beautiful cutting board is perfect for many kitchen jobs. The cutting board consists of FSC approved wood and has a beautiful appearance. The surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth so that you can use the cutting board again for the next cut.

Recommended combination

Combined price: 5.416,00 Kč (Je bespaart tot: 4.680,00 Kč)

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Shinrai Japan - 3 Brown knives + Cutting board

Shinrai Japan - 3 Brown knives + Cutting board

Sold out
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Brand Shinrai Japan
Warranty 2 years
Material Brown Chef's Knife (stainless steel) | Chopping knife (high carbon steel) | Gladiator chef's knife (stainless steel carbon steel)
Handle Yes
Color Brown
Weight Black Chef's Knife (201g) | Chopping knife (315g) | Gladiator chef's knife (252g)
Dishwasher Safe No
Hardness 61 HRC
Sharpening Method Japanese cut
Edge Symmetrical
Height 3.0
Amount 4
Blade length Black Chef's Knife (20cm) | Cleaver(20cm) | Gladiator chef's knife (15cm)
Juice groove true

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