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Do your pans, pots or bowls wear out so quickly? Buying new kitchen utensils in too short a time is annoying and unnecessary. You can easily prevent this with the By C&P pan protection set of 3!

The pan protection set not only protects the coating of your cookware. It also protects your wallet, your pans and pots last longer. The pan protection set is suitable for all kitchen utensil materials.

  • Easy and Affordable solution
  • Can also be used as a coaster
  • Can also be used as oven gloves

How does it work? Simply place the pan protectors between your sensitive kitchen utensils and stack them without any problems or scratches. With a diameter of 32 cm, the pan protectors always offer sufficient protection. Thanks to this size and design, the pan protector literally 'embraces' the pan. This means that every corner is well protected, regardless of the size of the pan . If necessary, you can cut the pan protector to size with scissors.

The material of the pan protector consists entirely of high-quality polyester felt and can be washed without any problems at a temperature of up to 30 ° C. The pan protector from By C&P comes in a handy 3 pack with a stylish color that will look great in any kitchen.

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By C&P - Pan protector 3-pack

By C&P - Pan protector 3-pack

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Brand By C&P
Warranty 7 years
Material Polyester felt
Color Black
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Height 1.0
Amount 3

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About By C&P

The secret of a good chef? A good pan! By C&P(Cook and Pan) helps you in the kitchen by making cooking even more fun. This is also the goal of the modern pan brand. They make cooking more fun by cooking with beautiful, high-quality, healthy, sustainable and, above all, affordable cookware! Whether you cook for your family, friends or yourself, you can prepare the most delicious dishes with the high-quality and beautiful pans and pots!
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