Do you regularly cut vegetables, fruit or meat? Then you know that a knife must be sharp. Not just because it cuts better, faster and more accurately. A sharp knife is even safer than a dull one. You just don't want to be hindered by a blunt knife while cooking. The solution: sharpen the blade. Use a whetstone, also called a sharpening stone, for this. View all the whetstones from KookGiant below.

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With a whetstone in your kitchen you always have the opportunity to sharpen a knife yourself. Especially frequently used knives should be sharpened from time to time with a whetstone. There is nothing more annoying than cutting with a dull knife. Moreover, a dull knife can even be dangerous. You shoot more easily and have no control over your cutting techniques. Therefore, buy a whetstone at KookGigant today . In our range we have whetstones with different grain sizes.

Using a whetstone is very simple. Follow the steps below and you'll have your knife razor sharp again in no time.

Step 1: Put the whetstone in a layer of water and leave it there for about 15 minutes.

Step 2: Place the whetstone with the coarse grain size facing up.

Step 3: Take the knife and hold it at an angle of about 10 - 15 degrees to the whetstone. Move the blade back and forth across the whetstone. Don't put too much pressure and repeat this until you are satisfied with the sharpness.

Step 4: Turn the whetstone over. Now you have the fine grain size on top.

Step 5: Repeat step 3. Move the blade back and forth to polish the blade nicely.

Step 6: Clean the blade well after sharpening. Make sure that all sharpening residue is off the blade. After that it is wise to dry the knife well before you store it. This way you maintain the quality of the knife.

Japanese whetstone and more brands

The best whetstones come from Japan. There the whetstone is also called the water stone. Wet is also derived from the English word for wet. That name is due to the fact that you need water to sharpen your knife with this stone. The Japanese whetstone is made in such a way that old worn abrasive grains come out. You then grind it off and new sharp abrasive grains will surface again. As a result, a Japanese water stone always retains its sharpening effect.

Sharpen more than just knives with a whetstone

Originally, whetstones were not only used to keep knives sharp. A whetstone is used to keep all sharpening tools sharp. And then further processed by polishing. Think of an ax or spear. But did you know that you can also sharpen skates with a whetstone? Whetstones are available in all shapes and sizes. There is one for every grinding tool. The whetstones from KookGiant are really meant to sharpen knives.

The grain size of a whetstone

The whetstones at KookGigant have different grain sizes. The blunter your knife, the coarser the grain must be to get your knife razor sharp again. Is your knife still sharp, but could it be a little sharper? Then use a smaller grain. Here is an overview of which grain size you need.

It is best to use several whetstones with a really blunt knife. With different grain size. First sharpen your knife with a coarse grit (200 - 600) and then you can get it sharper and polish it with an increasingly fine grit (3000 - 8000). Since this is common, we have special two-sided whetstones available .