Wereldmilieudag: tips om een steentje bij te dragen

World Environment Day: tips on how to do your bit

Today is World Environment Day! With these tips you can easily contribute to a better environment in the kitchen 😉

  1. Separate your waste 🗑
    Pay more attention to separating your waste. By separating waste, recyclable materials can be reused to make new products. With an Intelligent Waste waste bin, this is very simple and does not take up any extra space. This waste bin contains different buckets, so you can easily separate your waste!

  2. Turn off electronics 🔌
    Are you not at home or do you not need a device? Unplug the device! This way you save energy and you directly help the environment.

  3. Choose a recycled product ♻️
    Choose a product made from recycled materials, which saves energy compared to production from new materials. For example, go for a frying pan from Monenta or Berndes Green that is made from recycled aluminum cans.

  4. Fight food waste 🍴
    Did you cook just a little too much? Then don't throw your food away, but keep it so you can eat it later. A Cook & Freeze bowl ensures that you can easily store and heat up your dish.

  5. Warm up dish
    Warm up your dish in the microwave instead of the oven. A microwave is more energy efficient than the oven. In addition, do not heat your food longer than necessary.

As you can see, it is not difficult to do your bit for the environment! We would like to challenge you to test out some tips 😏

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