Wat is een goede braadpan?

What is a good frying pan?

A frying pan is one of the most used pans for a reason

But do you also know why?

And do you also know what a good casserole is?

KookGiant explains everything for you in this article!

Cast iron frying pan

A cast iron casserole retains heat longer, once this casserole is hot it will stay hot for a long time. Cooking with a cast iron casserole is therefore energy-saving. This popular casserole is also perfect for dishes with a long preparation time, such as a stew. A cast iron casserole is very sturdy and also relatively heavy. A cast iron frying pan is not only durable due to its heat retention, but it also lasts for decades. An indispensable asset to your kitchen !

Casserole induction

Almost every frying pan is suitable for induction and any other heat source (read the description to be sure). But a cast iron frying pan in combination with an induction hob is actually perfect. A cast iron frying pan retains the heat longer, so it costs the induction plate less energy to keep the frying pan warm during cooking.

Buy frying pan

A casserole is perfect for roasting, simmering or stewing meat or for preparing a delicious stew. You now know that a cast iron casserole is a good casserole for any kitchen. A cast iron frying pan is not only a sustainable investment, but also looks very nice. Ready to give your kitchen a sustainable upgrade? Then view all frying pans from KookGiant here .


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