In 8 Stappen dé Perfecte Biefstuk

The Perfect Steak in 8 Steps

Always wanted to know how to make a deliciously tender and juicy steak? Then you have come to the right place at KookGigant! We explain step by step how to make the perfect steak.

Step 1: Let the steak come to room temperature
Remove the steak from the fridge at least an hour in advance and let it come to room temperature. This prevents the meat from 'startling'. If you put the steak in the pan too cold, the meat will shrink, resulting in a tough piece of steak.

Step 2: Salt and pepper
First pat the steak dry with a piece of kitchen roll. Then it's time for salt and pepper. Season each side of the steak with salt and pepper.

Step 3: Hot Pan and Oil
Make sure your pan is hot before you add olive oil. When both the pan and the olive oil are hot, carefully place the steak in the pan. Place the meat away from you in the pan to avoid getting hot splatters of oil on your hand.

Step 4: Sear
It is important that the steak is seared as quickly as possible, so that all the juices remain in the meat. Therefore, do not turn the meat continuously. First fry the meat on one side for a few minutes, then turn the meat once and fry the other side for a few minutes.

Step 5: Add spices and butter
When you have turned the meat after a few minutes, add a tablespoon of butter, a flattened garlic clove and fresh rosemary and thyme to the pan. Make sure the garlic and fresh herbs fry nicely in the melted butter and olive oil. You continuously spoon the oil and butter over the steak. The steak absorbs this flavorful oil and butter, so your steak gets more flavor and becomes extra juicy!

Step 6: how long to bake per side
The cooking time per side depends on how you like your steak.

Here's a handy trick to check the doneness of your steak: put the tip of your thumb on the tip of your index finger, you should feel the muscle under your thumb tighten. Compare this to the steak in the pan during cooking as follows:

  • Thumb on index finger: Rare
  • Thumb on middle finger: Medium/Rare
  • Thumb on ring finger: Medium
  • Thumb on little finger: Well done

Step 7: Let steak rest
Wrap the meat loosely in aluminum foil and pour the remaining oil and butter over the meat. Let it rest for about 5 minutes. This allows all juices to spread well through the meat and that ensures a more tender and juicier result.

Step 8: Cutting the meat
If you want the perfect steak, it is important that you cut the meat in the right way. Read here how to properly cut your steak .

And then enjoy!

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