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Our brands

Our range includes many different brands, each with its own products. Which products do you use in your kitchen or are there still on your wish list?

Swiss Diamond
Beautiful pans of Swiss quality.

This brand includes tongs, cooking utensils and fondue equipment.

Very recognizable by the colorful cutting boards and the handy waste bins.

For beautiful dispensers and mills for all ingredients.

Berndes Green
Made from recycled cans, you can cook very sustainably with these pans.

Eve Solo
The nice design makes it a shame to store the products and your kitchen worktop becomes a beautiful display.

With this brand you will find pans for woks, roasting and baking.

For transparent dishes with matching lids, this brand is the place to be.

Shinrai Japan
The most successful brand of KookGiant. For razor-sharp knives and everything to keep them sharp.

Master Chef
Developed by the television program MasterChef in collaboration with chefs and industry experts.

Which brand did you not know yet?

Boil Giant

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