Onmisbaar Kookgerei in jouw Keuken – 5 must-haves

Indispensable Cookware in your Kitchen – 5 must-haves

Cooking utensils are indispensable in your kitchen

But what exactly is cookware?

Discover in this article what cookware is and what should not be missing in your kitchen!

What is cookware?

Good tools are half the work. Cookware makes preparing food even easier and not to forget, even more fun! Complete your kitchen with a beautiful cutting board , turn your ingredients in the pan with handy spatulas and other kitchen aids . Serve your delicious meal in stylish bowls and add flavor to dishes with beautiful and handy salt and pepper mills . And when you're done, throw the waste away in a handy waste bin or dispenser .

1. Cutting boards

A cutting board is of course indispensable during cooking. A good cutting board is also seen as an extension of your knife, because it ensures that your knives can perform optimally. Wood is generally soft and ensures that your knives stay sharp longer. A beautiful wooden cutting board is of course also a real eye-catcher in your kitchen.

Another big advantage of a wooden cutting board is the self-cleaning effect. Wood absorbs liquids and therefore also bacteria, so you don't have to wash it with soap. Moreover, a wooden cutting board will last for decades!

Cutting board Acacia L 38.1x29.2x1.5cm Cutting boards Masterchef

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2. Kitchen aids

Kitchen aids are indispensable in the kitchen. They make cooking easier and more hygienic. The kitchen helpers from Joseph Joseph are focused on hygiene, they contain a balance system that ensures that the work part does not touch the kitchen worktop. With a kitchen tools set with a handy stand, you have all the necessary kitchen tools at hand and you no longer have to look for your spatula or serving spoon.

Elevate Carousel Kitchen aids 6-piece Kitchen aids Joseph Joseph

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3. Pepper and salt mills

A twist of a salt and pepper mill ensures that the flavors of your dish are enhanced just a bit more and your meal is completely finished. With some mills it is possible to set the grinding degree. This way you determine the coarseness of the peppercorns or salt grains yourself. For optimal results, it is best to go for freshly ground pepper and salt, as they have a slightly more subtle taste than pre-ground pepper and table salt.

Textura Grande Salt and Pepper Mill Mills AdHoc

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4. Scaling

A bowl should not be missing in your kitchen, because it always comes in handy! Serve your dishes in a beautiful serving dish, prepare a delicious lasagna in an oven dish, heat up a meal or take a meal with you in a dish with a lid.

Nordic Kitchen Serving dish Ø 30 cm Dishes Eva Solo

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5. Waste bins

A waste bin is indispensable in the kitchen. After all, you have to get rid of your garbage after all that cooking. When choosing a waste bin, it is useful to take the content into account. A waste bin of up to 10 liters is suitable for the kitchen counter. If you place a waste bin in the kitchen next to the sink, a waste bin of 30 liters to 60 liters is recommended.

Intelligent Waste™ - Totem Waste Bin 60 liters - Black Waste Bin Joseph Joseph

The Intellegent Waste Totem waste bin from Joseph Joseph now makes separating waste even easier. View the waste bins here .



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