How To Kerst 2023: Red de Smaken en Maak Verrukelijke Sauzen

Christmas 2023 How To: Save the Flavors and Make Delicious Sauces

In this Christmas How To we explain how to make the tastiest sauces from juices and liquids created during baking and roasting meat.

Step 1. Draining excess fat:

  • After your meat has roasted, place the roasting pan or pan on a stable surface.
  • Carefully skim off the excess fat with a spoon, leaving the flavorful sediment at the bottom of the pan.

Step 2. Storing tasty sediment:

  • Use a spoon or a special fat separator to separate the flavorful sediment from the remaining fat.
  • Save the sediment in a bowl or measuring cup as it adds depth and flavor to your sauce.

Step 3. Adding stock, herbs and wine:

  • Pour an appropriate amount of stock into the roasting pan to intensify the flavors.

  • Add herbs such as rosemary, thyme and bay leaf for an aromatic touch.

  • A touch of wine adds extra finesse; choose a type that suits the taste of the meat.

Step 4. Mixing flour:

  • Gradually mix flour into the stock mixture to avoid lumps.
  • Use a whisk to distribute the flour evenly and achieve a smooth consistency.

Step 5. Stir to desired consistency:

  • Stir the mixture continuously over low heat until the sauce reaches the desired thickness.
  • Keep stirring to avoid lumps and to obtain a smooth, tasty sauce.

Step 6. Tasting and adjusting:

  • Taste the sauce and assess the flavor.
  • Add additional spices if necessary to enhance the flavors and adjust to your preference.

Step 7. Serve and enjoy:

  • Pour the finished sauce into a sauce boat or serve it directly over your Christmas dishes.
  • Enjoy the enriched flavors this sauce adds to your festive meal.

This Christmas How To guides you through the process of rescuing flavors and creating a delicious sauce that will take your Christmas cooking to the next level.

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