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Cutting Meat - The Only Way!

Always wanted to know how to cut meat like a pro?

The correct cutting technique is of great importance for the quality of your meal. Here's what to watch out for:

Cut on the wire

There are muscle fibers in a piece of meat. The muscle fibers always run in one direction, this direction is called the thread of the flesh. You always cut perpendicular to the thread, so not with the thread. You then cut the muscle fibers into small pieces. This ensures that the meat is easier to chew and therefore more tender.

How do you cut raw meat?

You can cut meat both raw and fried. In both cases it is important to cut on the wire and not with the wire. If you cut meat after baking, make sure you check the wire well in advance so that you know exactly how to cut your baked meat. First let the fried meat rest for 10 minutes before cutting it, this prevents all the tasty juices from escaping immediately when cutting.

Cutting steak

It is very important that you have a good knife and a good cutting board. A carving knife is of course suitable for cutting meat. This knife has a long and narrow blade, so you can easily cut beautiful slices of meat. A carving knife is also often referred to as a slicing knife . A chef's knife is also suitable for cutting meat, among other things. Another popular knife is a Japanese chef's knife , which is called the Santoku knife . A good cutting board is of course also very important. A wooden cutting board is very suitable for cutting meat .

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