Prei snijden als een pro

Cut leeks like a pro

Are you cooking, but forgot how to cut a leek?

No problem, KookGiant will help you!

Read the article and in 2 minutes you will know how to cut leeks

Cut leeks

We only use the light green and white part of the leek, so start by cutting off the root and the dark green part of the leek. You can throw away the carrot, but you could save the dark green part for a vegetable stock.

Do you want whole leek circles or half circles? If you want half circles, first cut the leek completely along the length. If you want whole circles you can immediately start cutting as shown below.

Cut leeks like a pro

For half circles, place the cut side of the leek on the cutting board and begin slicing the leek into the desired size.

Wash leeks

Completely done cutting? then it is now time to wash the leeks. Place the sliced ​​leeks in a colander and wash the leek pieces thoroughly with cold water. Then let it drain and, voila! Your leek is cut and washed and ready to be used.

Which knife should I use to cut leeks?

You can cut leeks with many different knives. A chef's knife is suitable for cutting a leek, with a chef's knife you can easily apply the 'cradle' cutting technique, the tip of the knife remains on the cutting board and you 'cradle' the chef's knife over the leek. A Santoku knife or a Nakiri knife is also very suitable for cutting a leek.

Use a nice big cutting board so you have enough space to cut the leeks.

Enjoy your meal!


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