9 tips voor het bereiden van de perfecte hamburger

9 tips for preparing the perfect burger

    Nothing is better than a delicious fresh hamburger 🍔
    Making a hamburger is not difficult, but if you want to serve really good burgers, there are a number of things you have to take into account.
    With these 9 simple tips you can put the perfect burger on the table.
    1. Buy the right minced meat
      Fat is important in a burger. A burger must consist of 20 percent fat. Preferably you use minced beef, but you can also opt for half and half, veal or lamb mince.

    2. Make your own burgers
      Be careful while shaping the 'discs'. Do it gently and make sure not to push and crush too much. This keeps the meat nice and tender.

    3. Make a well in the center of the raw burger
      Unfortunately, the hamburger often becomes spherical during grilling. By making a dimple in the middle of the raw hamburger, the burger remains nice and flat during grilling. This way the hamburger keeps its nice shape.

    4. Season the burger
      Many people season their burgers before grilling, but this causes the pepper to burn during cooking. So season your burger with salt and pepper only after grilling.

    5. Use a grill pan
      A grill pan sears your burger so that all juices and flavors are retained. Never put oil in the grill pan, but lightly coat the burger with oil. You can also choose not to use any fat at all.

    6. Let the pan get hot
      Place the grill pan on medium-high heat and let it get hot. Throw a few drops of water on the pan to see if the pan is hot enough. The pan is at the right temperature when the water droplets sizzle and evaporate immediately.

    7. Be patient
      Do not turn the burgers too often, preferably only once. When you flip the burgers often, they can fall apart. Also, don't press the burgers with a spatula while baking, as this will push the juices out of the meat.

    8. Let the burger rest for a while after grilling
      After grilling, let your burger rest on a warm plate for about 3 to 5 minutes, this ensures that the juices can distribute properly.

    9. Dress up the burger
      Complete the burger with fresh iceberg lettuce, sweet tomatoes, a red onion and a delicious sauce.

    And then it's time to enjoy 😋

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