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Meet the Garlic Press from Oxo , the indispensable kitchen helper for every cooking enthusiast. This garlic press is not only functional but also stylishly designed, and makes preparing dishes with fresh garlic effortless and hygienic.

Unique features and specifications:

  • Ergonomic design: Comfortable handle that fits any hand size, allowing you to squeeze garlic effortlessly.
  • High Quality Material: Made of durable stainless steel that is not only long lasting but also easy to clean.
  • Efficient pressing technique: Ensures a fine and even result, preserving the essential oils of the garlic.
  • Good grips: With the excellent grip of the OXO garlic press, it never falls out of your hands, partly due to the anti-slip.

Maintenance and recommendations

For long-lasting quality of your garlic press, we recommend rinsing it under warm water after each use and washing it by hand with a soft sponge. Use the included cleaning tool to remove any garlic residue.

Order your brand new garlic press today
Are you ready to enjoy the rich flavor of fresh garlic without the mess? Order your Garlic Press now and experience the convenience and superiority of OXO in your kitchen!

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OXO - Garlic Press

OXO - Garlic Press

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Brand OXO
Warranty 2 years
Material stainless steel
Color Black
Dishwasher Safe Yes

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About OXO

OXO looks at everyday objects and activities and continually sees opportunities to make things simpler, more user-friendly and smarter designed.

OXO is observant. They recognize pain points and inconveniences that others may ignore. They discover problems that people are often not even aware of until OXO solves them.

Their approach is driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to quality. At OXO, they strive to make a difference every day, by making everyday tasks effortless and enjoyable.

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